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Full PHP language in free and easy way 

Today we are going to start learn php programing language in in easy way  in the free of coast and if you have any question regarding this this lesson. feel free for ask. And this is a worlds first easy learn blog 


                           PHP : PHP is brief ( PHP: Hypertext : preprocessor ) .

                           It was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf . 

                           PHP is a server side scripting language.

                          PHP is a powerful tool for make a dynamic and interactive web pages.

                          PHP is a language for creating interactive web pages and is use on 4 million website around the world 




By this diagram what we can understand?



           we are clients and when when we request of any website we want to search in web browser Https://www.rakeshbairwa.com

          its a web pages who search by the clients or users and its for for the server like a request and in server three software are install                                                                                                           1.web server 

                                                 2.application server

                                                 3. database server 

when we request to the server like we want to see .php extinction file the web server is accept our request and process to find. and it give a request to application sever and application server is give a response to the clients(user) and we can see only html web pages. because our web browser is only can read only html code it's not capable to use .php code 

if our request is database form like we want to find our database like Facebook log in page in case the application server send the request. to the database server and database server is find data and give response to us. 

we will discus in all lesson and learn more thanks guy's for read this 

that's a small introduction of php language.

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